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Arrow   ADT60 BioSimKey Smart Card Development Kit

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ADT60 BioSimKey Smart Card Development Kit
ADT60 BioSimKey Smart Card Development Kit with Fingerprint scanner reader.

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ADT60 BioSimKey Smart Card Development Kit
Price : $299.00
Quantity :
Product ID : ADT60
Detailed Description :
BioSIMKey is the worlds smallest finger print scanning and recognition device incorporating smart card reading/writing capabilities. As a proven solution for biometrics with security level as high as 1:1,000,000, the BioSIMKey is ideal for a broad range of applications including e- business, network access, home banking, secure e-mail, file encryption, and government securities, etc.

ACS is launching a development kit, BioSIMKey Software Development Kit (SDK), in order to provide developers with a convenient and effective way to incorporate fingerprint and smart card authentication as part of their solutions. Using the simple Application Programming Interface, designers can easily integrate fingerprint authentication features into their applications. The interface could be developed quickly without any in-depth knowledge of biometrics.

The whole kit is priced only at US $299.


 BioSIMKey SDK Package Contents
  • BioSIMKey ADT60 - Fingerprint scanner & plug-in smart card reader
  • 10 ACOS1 8Kbyte Microprocessor-based Card (MCU) (include 5 smart cards and 5 plug-in cards)
  • ACS BioSIMKey installation and operation CD-ROM (including drivers, source codes, and demo software)
  • Plug-in card converter (converting smart card format to plug-in card format)
  • Installation guide
 Key Features
  • Smallest integrated fingerprint scanner and smart card reader
  • Security level as high as 1:1,000,000
  • Portable and easily transferable from one PC to another
  • Enhances smart card and/or PKI security by requiring a fingerprint instead of a PIN or password
  • Utilizes ST's patented TouchChip technology, resulting in high quality fingerprint images in any environment
  • High-speed USB interface
Product Specifications
  • Physical dimensions: 71x32x16.5 mm
  • Operating temperature: 0C to 40 C
  • Storage temperature: -40C to 85 C
  • Operating Humidity: 5% to 95% RH @30C
  • Certificate of conformance: ICE, FCC Class B
 TouchChip Senor
  • Active senior size: 12.8 x 18mm
  • Array size: 256 x 360 piexls
  • Image resolution 508 DPI
  • ESD tolerant : +/-15KV
 Smart Card Reader
  • ISO7816-3 and PC/SC compliant
  • Supports all MCU cards, with T=0 or T=1 protocols
 System Requirements
  • PC with USB, minimum 133 MHz process, 16MB of system RAM
  • Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000
 Typical Applications
  • Remote electronic voting
  • Secure home-banking
  • Secure E-Commerce
  • Computer system logon

ADT60 User manual can be viewed here



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