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Arrow   Cryptographic Smart Card Software Development Kit

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Cryptographic Smart Card Software Development Kit
Comprehensive Cryptographic Smart Card Software Development Kit

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Cryptographic Smart Card Software Development Kit
Price : $699.00
Quantity :
Product ID : CryptoKit
Detailed Description : ASECard Crypto Smart Card SDK

Comprehensive Cryptographic Smart Card Software Development Kit

The ASECard Crypto SDK is designed for professional developers who are interested in developing applications supporting the ASECard Crypto Smart Card.

The supplied APDU library provides a high level programming interface while supporting all of the ASECard Crypto functionality.

Applications can also be developed over PKCS#11 or CAPI.

Development is facilitated through the use of Athena's unique tool - the ASECard Viewer. The ASECard Viewer enables intuitive access to all the ASECard Crypto smart card functionality through an Explorer-like GUI. For lower level command set access, the SDK provides the ASECard Edit PC/SC utility. Sample programs help the developer understand both basic concepts of smart cards and advanced features of ASECard Crypto smart card.

Programming languages supported:

C++, C, VB, Java

Package Contents

  • One ASEDrive IIIe USB Smart Card Reader
  • One ASEDrive IIIe Serial Smart Card Reader
  • 10 ASECard Crypto smart cards
  • ASECard Crypto SDK Manual (PDF)
  • CD including:
    • Drivers
    • ASECard Viewer
    • ASECard Edit PC/SC
    • Documentation (PDF)
    • Samples
    • APDU Library
    • PKCS#11 Library
    • MS-CAPI CSP Library

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SDK smart card viewer

SDK Keys smart card crypto



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