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Arrow   Smart Card SLE4442 - low cost smart card

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SLE4442 Smart Card
Memory smart card with Siemens SLE4442: 256 Bytes of protected EEPROM memory.

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SLE4442 Smart Card
Bulk Pricing :
  1 to 49 $1.90  
  50 to 99 $1.80  
  100 to 499 $1.25  
  500 to 1000 $1.20  
  1001 to 4999 $1.10  
  more than 4999 $0.85  
Quantity :
Product ID : SLE4442
Detailed Description : Siemens SLE4442 Smart card Features
ISO 7816 Compliant pad locations
256*8 bit EEPROM organization
byte-wise addressing
Irreversible byte-wise write protection of lowest 32 addresses (byte 0-31)
32*1 bit organization of protection memory
2-wire link protocol
Answer to reset according to ISO standard 7816-3
Programming time 2.5mS per byte for both erasing and writing
Minimum of 10000 write/erase cycles
Data retention > 10 years
Programmable Security Code (PSC)
Data write only after correct 3-byte PSC

Memory card with Siemens SLE4442: 256 Bytes of protected EEPROM memory.
Compatible to Philips PCB2042. By means of a three digit PIN the memory can be protected against alternation of the data. The information contained in the chip (except the PIN) can always be read.
The first 32 Bytes can be protected irreversibly

Click here to view the SLE4442 and SLE4432 Smart card datasheet.



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