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Arrow   ACR80 USB Smart Card Terminal Development Kit

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ACR80 USB Smart Card Terminal Development Kit
ACR80 USB Smart Card Terminal Software Development Kit

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ACR80 USB Smart Card Terminal Development Kit
Price : $199.00
Quantity :
Product ID : ACR80U-Kit
Detailed Description : The ACR80 Software Development Kit (ACR80 SDK) enables effective development of customized applications and systems using smart cards, card readers, and PCs. Reflecting ACS expertise in smart card technologies, the development kit is a complete package containing all the vital components required for smart card application development, from beginner to experienced applications. It is also an ideal training and development tool for those who want to know more about smart card technologies.
ACR80 Smart Card Terminal
  • Two ISO7816 compatible smart card interfaces
  • Two ISO7816 compatible SAM card interfaces
  • Supports MCU cards with T=0, T=1 protocol
  • Supports SLE 4418/28/32/42 memory cards
  • USB interface
  • 122x32 dots LCD full graphic display with LED backlight
  • Adjustable LCD contrast
  • Internal display buffer allows free graphic modification with only one time drawing
  • 16-key keypad with extremely high durability
  • Tamper sensing switch
  • Buzzer with software switching control
  • Real time clock
  • 32K bytes EEPROM
10 Test Cards
  • 10 x ACOS1 microprocessor-based card with DES/Triple DES and MAC security capability, 8K EEPROM for user data
CD-ROM Software drivers supporting Windows 98, Me, NT (serial), 2000, and XP
  • Proprietary device driver to facilitate easy application development

Demo programs (include source code) to showcase smart card features and capabilities

  • ACS smart bank using the ACOS1 card as ATM card (Name, password and stored credit)
  • Smart casino using the ACOS card as a token card
  • Taximeter demo
  • Access control demo

Evaluation software - ACR80 Cardtool

  • Facilitates easy transfer of data to various
    memory locations on the card
  • Provides a convenient test facility to evaluate card response to different data

Training materials useful to both novice and
experienced users

  • Introduction to smart cards and smart card
    application development
  • Introduction to PC/SC
  • Cryptographic security concepts
  • Electronic Purse applications
  • Overview of several specific types of smart cards

Sample code written in various programming languages

  • Used to demonstrate basic commands used to communicate with the card and reader
  • Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi



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