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Arrow   xD 128 MB Digital Camera Memory Picture Card

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xD 128 MB Digital Camera Memory Picture Card
xD 128 MB Digital Camera Memory Picture Card

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xD 128 MB Digital Camera Memory Picture Card
Price : $24.00
Quantity :
Product ID : xD 128 MB
Detailed Description : xD-Picture Card The xD-Picture Card, a new type of ultra-compact memory media developed jointly by Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd., and Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. The xD-Picture Card, Fujifilm, and Olympus have contributed in a cooperative effort to respond to the needs of consumers using today's advanced digital still cameras. Those needs include:- Development of smaller digital cameras- Demand for greater memory capacity- Greater compatibility of digital media between different brands of digital cameras Production of the new media will be consigned to Toshiba Corporation. The name "xD-Picture Card" was inspired by "eXtreme Digital", suggesting the excellence of this new memory media for recording, storing, and transporting audiovisual information. 1. Ultra-compact 20.0 x 25.0 x 1.7mm size- With a volume of 0.85cc and a weight of 2g, the xD-Picture Card boasts the smallest form factor (As of July, 2002) of any digital memory card, making it exceptionally portable and convenient.- The miniature size of the new Card will enable development of even smaller digital cameras. 2. Planned capacities up to 8GB- Four types of Cards will be available initially: 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, and 128MB. - 256MB Cards were introduced this December, with 512MB and 1GB-8GB Cards to follow from the next year.



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