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I2C Eeprom Programmer for 24CXX and 24LCXX

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I2C Eeprom programmer

I2C Eeprom Programmer for 24CXX and 24LCXX


The I2C Eeprom programmer  will allow you to read and write 24Cxx type serial devices.  You can plug your part into the 8 pin socket, or you can also use the supplied micro clip wires (may vary from photo) to attach to a part that is soldered to a circuit board.  Use for backup or re-write.  Reads and writes all  24Cxx or 24LCxx.  Requires a 9V battery for power (not included.)
Supported Chips Include

24LCXX including the popular 24LC256.

You can download a free version of the software needed for this device (PonyProg.)  This program can be used to program eeprom 24lc256 and all of the 24C and 24LC series chips.
The I2C Programmer is guaranteed to work. If you have any problems, send it back for an exchange.
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