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PIC Programmer - PIC 16 Pro PIC Programmer

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pic programmer

PIC Programmer - PIC 16 Pro PIC Programmer


Features for the PIC Pro PIC Programmer
The pocket-sized PIC Programmer quickly and easily programs most PIC micro microcontrollers. The pic programmer includes an 40-pin ZIF socket for programming 8-, 14-, 18-pin, 28 pin, and 40 pin PIC micro MCUs.
Here is a small sample of the PIC chips that the PIC 16 Pro pic programmer can program:
Low cost PIC chip programmer for PIC 12Cxxx, PIC 12CExxx, PIC 14Cxxx, PIC 16C505, 55x, 6xx, 7xx, 84, 9xx, PIC 16CE62x, PIC 16F62x, 8x, 87x, PIC 17C7xx and PIC 18Cxxx microcontrollers
Powered by an optional AC adapter(not supplied)
Connects to PC parallel printer port with a 25 pin Cable
Software upgradeable for future PIC micro microcontrollers
PIC programmer software will be emailed to you upon purchase of this programmer.
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PIC 16 Pro PIC Programmer $59.95
In Stock
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