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Q: I am looking to buy some ACOS1 8K smartcards, and I already have smartcard writer that supports ISO 7816. Do I need to have manufacture card secret code to be able to write to this ACOS1 8K smartcards? If so, where can I get this code before I order these cards.
A: The ACOS1-8K smart cards do have a code that comes with the cards when they are shipped.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you ship to foreign country address. e.g Malaysia or Singapore? If you do, what are terms and requirements. Thanks.
Can I place my order over the phone or do you only accept web orders?
I just purchased one of your USB smart card readers ACR30U. Do you have an online installation and setup manual available?
What is the average cost of a smart card? This is an assignment for school, so all information on a smart card would also be helpful.
I seem to have something out of whack with the smart card driver. I have a ACR30U, with W2K. It was working but now when I try to run I am getting a diagnostic message "Microsoft Smart Card Resource manager is not activated". If I go into the services and try to manually start the Smart Card resource manager I get a "error 1068 dependency service or group failed to start". But if I look at the dependcies tab it shows no dependicies. Any suggestions on what I can try? Thanks.
Do you print on the cards or allow the customers to submit custom 4 color artwork?
The ACR30U reader/programmer can be used to read cards and program them? (store information?). Do you have an API and documentation for it? Do you supply the documentation? If I buy a kit for test purposes (card reader and a couple of cards) will I receive the needed documentation to program it? If so, I'll be interested in testing such solutions for future use in applications.
Do all countries have track No for shipping ?
Need some information. I have a ms access database for my clients and we would like to burn smart cards for each of my clients with their particular info. Can the smart card development ac kit take ms access database as an input file and with limited instructions allow us to produce ouput that we can burn into a smart card, please advise, I am not fammiliar with smart card programming.
How do you assign a com port to a ACR30U Smart Card Reader? My program can not find the USB connected reader because it is not on a serial port.
How to access 4 ACR30U Smart Card Readers in a PC? Where I can get the API?
The LED in my smart card reader is not lighting up. It appears that I can not get power to my ACR30S smart card reader. How can I tell if the smart card reader is functioning properly.
Does your Products work with Linux (RedHat) ?
What does stored value mean with relation to a smart card?
Will your smart card logon kit work with an internal reader? It also states that it locks up your computer when the card is removed. Does this stop ALL programs running or, for example, would your current download continue?
Do you have a pinout for your smart cards?
I have tried to install this smart card reader three times each time receiving resource manager error 1068 "dependency service could not start". I tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers and it still hasn't worked. What do you suggest?
Where can I get a driver for my reader model AR30U-CFC.
I bought the acr30u. Do you have any programs, or know of any, that can read/write raw data to and from the card. I have spent hours looking and am getting no where. I would like to read the data in binary, hex or any format and write to the card using the same format.
I have a GemPlus USB Smart card reader. The model number is GCR435. Which smart cards work with this reader? Which smart card would work the best for logging in to Windows XP/2003? Thanks
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