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How to Flash an AT90S2313 chip using an Chip Programmer

Written for our Ultimate Chip Programmer which can flash all of your 90S series chips.

  1. Get a copy of fbprg16 and itís config file.
  2. Create a boot disk to boot your computer to DOS. This can be done in Windows Explorer for Windows 98 users and File Manager for Windows 95 users.
  3. Copy fbprg16.exe and FBPRG.CFG to your boot disk.
  4. Copy the Hex files that you want to flash onto your chip to your boot disk. Important: Since Fbprg16 is a DOS based program, it only supports 8.3 file notation Ė I always rename my flash hex file to Flash.hex and my eeprom hex file to eep.hex. This will be easy to remember and allows the files to be loaded properly.
  5. There are almost always two files that are loaded during the flash process as listed above (A flash file and an eeprom file). It is possible to have a flash without an eeprom file, but be sure that this is the case before trying to flash your chip.
  6. Insert your chip into your Programmer. Be sure to insert the chip with pin one (Recognized by a notch or indent in the top of the chip) inserted into the pin one spot on the programmer (Recognized with a 1 on the front of the Ultimate Atmel Programmer).
  7. Connect your Programmer directly to your printer port. Many people have problems with the cables that they use for flashing. Skip the cable and save yourself some headaches.
  8. Insert your boot disk into your computer and reboot.
  9. At the command prompt type fbprg16
  10. You will see a screen that looks like this
  11. (A) Load HEX file to Flash buffer
    (B) Load HEX file to EEPROM buffer
    (C) Display Flash buffer
    (D) Display EEPROM buffer
    (E) Program
    (F) Read Device code
    (G) Read Flash & EEPROM to buffer
    (H) Save Flash buffer to HEX file
    (I) Save EEPROM buffer to HEX file
    (J) Generate AVR Studio DEBUG.OBJ
    (K) Setup
    (L) Show schematic
    (M) Toggle Reset to high(Current low)
    (X) Quit

  12. Hit K and make sure that all settings are exactly as listed below.
  13. (1) Erase Flash & EEPROM memory ----------- Yes
    (2) Program Flash memory ------------------ Yes
    (3) Program EEPROM memory ----------------- Yes
    (4) Verify Flash memory ------------------- Yes
    (5) Verify EEPROM memory ------------------ Yes
    (6) Lock protect bit 1 -------------------- No
    (7) Lock protect bit 2 -------------------- No
    (8) Printer port -------------------------- 1
    (9) Device ---------------- AT90S2313
    (0) RC enable (2323/2343 only) ------------ No
    (S) Save setup

    If they arenít change to these settings and Save.

  14. Go back to the main menu and type A
  15. Enter flash.hex for the file name.
  16. You should now be back at the main menu
  17. Hit B and enter eep.hex for the file name
  18. Now for the final step after both hex files have loaded Hit E and watch it program

Erase Flash & EEPROM memory
Program Flash memory
Program EEPROM memory
Verify Flash memory
Verify EEPROM memory
Press any key to continue

You have successfully flashed your At90S chip.

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