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Arrow   I2C Eeprom Programmer for 24CXX and 24LCXX 24LC256

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I2C Eeprom Programmer for 24CXX and 24LCXX
This I2C programmer will program the 24CXX series and 24LCXX series including 24LC256.

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I2C Eeprom Programmer for 24CXX and 24LCXX
Price : $35.00
Quantity :
Product ID : I2C
Detailed Description : The I2C Eeprom programmer will allow you to read and write 24Cxx type serial devices. You can plug your part into the 8 pin socket, or you can also use micro clip wires (not supplied) to attach to the circuit board. Use for backup or re-write. Reads and writes all 24Cxx or 24LCxx. Requires a 9V battery for power (not included).

Supported Chips Include 24CXX
24LCXX including the popular 24LC256.

This program can be used to program eeprom 24lc256 and all of the 24C and 24LC series chips using the Eeprom programmer.

The I2C Programmer is guaranteed to work. If you have any problems, send it back for an exchange.
The I2C Eeprom Programmer is now In Stock and Shipping.

To puchase the I2C programmer add the I2C Eeeprom 24C and 24LC256 Programmer to your shopping cart.

This programmer works with PonyProg software.
You can download a free version of the software needed for this device (PonyProg.)  This program can be used to program eeprom 24lc256 and all of the 24C and 24LC series chips.br> Read software manual prior use of this programmer. The use of PonyProg will remain the same with this interface.
To set the hardware options for this circuit select Interface Setup from the Options menu.
The I/O port setup should be set to Serial, SI Prog I/O, with all the polarity control boxes unchecked.
You will need to select the COM port you have your programmer connected to.
Your serial port needs to be tested and working before you connect your programmer.



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