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Arrow   AET 60 Smart Card and Biometric Development Kit

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AET 60 Smart Card and Biometric Development Kit
AET60 BioCARDKey smart card reader with fingerprint scanner including drivers, code, demos

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AET 60 Smart Card and Biometric Development Kit
Price : $299.00
Quantity :
Product ID : AET 60
Detailed Description :

Combines fingerprint sensor and smart card reader, using the same Active Capacitive Sensing technology as ADT60 BioSIMKey, the AET60 BioCARDKey ensures the highest quality images to be used with full-size smart cards. It improves security and efficiency of network access, e-commerce, home banking and point-of-sales transactions.

Since fingerprints cannot be lost, duplicated, stolen or forgotten, the product range is widely regarded as providing a more reliable and convenient solution than traditional security devices. With the AET60 BioCARDKey, security is improved further by storing the fingerprint templates inside a smart card instead of the PC. This not only provides a more secure environment but it also enhances portability and eliminates privacy concerns. What is more, it gives users the flexibility of being able to carry their fingerprint template with them, safe in the knowledge that no one else can use their smart card should it become lost or stolen.

As a proven solution for biometrics, the BioCARDKey is an ideal solution for a broad range of applications including e-business, network access, home banking, secure e-mail, file encryption, and government security.

Using a simple Application Programming Interface, it is extremely easy for designers to integrate the fingerprint authentication features into their applications. The developer can develop the interface very quickly without an in-depth knowledge of biometrics.

The development kit is now priced at only US$299.

AET60 Finger Print Scanner with Smart Card Readers:
  • Integrated fingerprint scanner/smart card reader
  • Full-speed USB interface
  • Requiring no additional power supply
  • Finger Print Scanner:
  • High-resolution 508 DPI imaging
  • Utilizes CMOS active capacitive pixel sensing technology, resulting in high quality fingerprint images in any environment
  • Large active sensor size - 12.8mm x 18.0mm
  • Smart Card Reader: ISO 7816-3 and PC/SC compliant
    Supports all micro-controller cards, with T=0 or T=1 protocols
10 Test Cards 10 x ACOS1 microprocessor-based card with DES/Triple DES and MAC security capability, 8K EEPROM for user data

Software drivers supporting Windows 98, Me, 2000, and XP

Demo programs to showcase smart card features and capabilities

  • Arcade Demo: Demonstrates the capability of BioCARDKey as an access control device.
  • Simple AET60 Demo: With the Security Level control and Data Template display, shows the potential of AET60 as a device applicable to a multitude of usages.

Evaluation software – PCSC CardTool and PCSC Learning Tool & Perfect Print Testing Tool

  • Used for both memory and ACOS1 cards
  • Facilitates easy transfer of data to various
    memory locations on the card
  • Helps the user to better understand the protocols sent and received by the reader

Sample code written in various programming languages

  • Used to demonstrate basic commands used to communicate with the card and reader
  • Visual Basic 6, Visual C++, Delphi



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