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Arrow   ACK30 Keyboard Smart Card Reader and Programmer

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Keyboard Smart Card Reader and Programmer
Keyboard and smart card reader interface integrated in to one unit.

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Keyboard Smart Card Reader and Programmer
Price : $73.95
Quantity :
Product ID : ACK30S
Detailed Description : This is an integrated smart card solution for PC/SC applications. The smart card reader is integrated electronically and mechanically into a keyboard that provides a perfect solution for high security smart card applications. This keyboard smart card reader is ideal for applications including: Internet banking, on-line stock market, internet business trading, on-line shopping, on-line entertainment such as cinema, casino, games and multitudes of other smart card applications. This powerful keyboard smart card reader is available in two models. ACK30S - ACR30 with serial (RS-232) interface, keyboard form. Keyboard Features: PS/2 interface with 18 multimedia hot keys support (back, forward, stop, refresh, search, favorites, home, mute, volume-, volume +, previous track, stop, play, next track, media,calculator, my computer) 4 programmable keys. ACPI power management key support: power, sleep and wakeup Fixed wrist rest.



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